This B2B software is revolutionising rental processes.

Rentware is a B2B rental software created by Betterware UG to modernise and simplify rental operations. With Rentware as an online booking system, businesses can map their individual booking processes online. No matter the industry.

Main activities were to continue the development of the Rentware website redesign and design responsive mobile versions.

Taking the MVP up a level

Rentware wanted help to upgrade their website to better represent their brand identity and inspire more customer signups. I created designs that refined their design language to be more minimalistic and set their customers center-stage.

Make it personal

Rentware's previous website focused more on introducing the company rather than explaining how the service could help the customer in their story. In my designs, I incorporated relatable imagery featuring people and designed the copy to loosley read as a narrative that the reader could see themselves within.

Turning a challenge into a strength

One of Rentware's greatest difficulties was in neatly explaining what they do because their product looks different depending on the item that is being leased. Because the product's usage is so broad, I designed use case-studies that could tell lots of specific stories. Thereby appealing to as many potential customers as possible.

Responsive design is essential

Based on UX research, Rentware's customers often first interacted with the website on their phone, yet later they often used the desktop site to process rental orders. It was essential that the designs were cohesive and intuitively adapted to each interface, so I designed them in tandem, responsively.

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