This interactive dashboard is empowering small businesses to compete with confidence. Testing products to ensure reliability and quality.

Mailslurp is a new B2B product started by Pettman OÜ to help start-up studios, QA testers and developers to test their applications. The interactive dashboard provides critical feedback on the quality and functionality of products, enabling certainty and clarity surrounding code.

Main activities were to create a brand identity that expressed the company"s technological prowess, their reliability and that could create a sense of familiarity and welcome-ness

The challenge

The client wanted a new logo designed to improve its brand recognition, its approachability and its reputation as an indispensable tool for developers.

From the initial consultation, research and analogue sketches, we were able to narrow down the guiding requirements.

Discovering a unique identity that fits

The client wanted a clean and professional look. The logo also needed to be recognisable on a browser at small sizes. Although, the client initially expressed an interest in incorporating a character, we workshopped this to a logo that is more usable at different scales. We gained the sought-after friendliness through curved corners instead.

Instilling movement in stillness

It was important that the logo created a sense of movement to embody the product"s function: seamless in and out flow of the thousands of emails, as well as the action word of "slurp". To create a sense of movement, one leg of the "m" was kept longer. Additionally, green was chosen as the primary color to symbolise "go".

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