Nicole Penn

Digital Designer

Form and function are my north star.

I design warm, smart brands and clear interfaces. Websites, mobile applications, logos and design systems are what I put all of my creative effort into.

Currently my focus is on strengthening my app design capabilities to master them entirely. Enjoy flying through some of my recent projects.

From Start to Finish

My skillset covers the creative and technical needs, as well as the softskills required of digital design. I also keep up to date with the UX of B2B and consumer applications to better understand the broader context, as well as the design systems that surround digital products.

Research & Planning

It all starts with the client. Milan wanted the Rentware mobile application design to translate the software’s (desktop-first) functionality for mobile. He wanted a design that was intuitive, extended the brand identity and increased usage.

I use user stories, market research and information on functionality, usability, and user experience as the foundation for my designs.

Ideation & Prototyping

Besides analog sketching and planning, I enjoy working with Figma, Sketch, the Adobe suite, HTML and CSS to realise the projects I work on. Moving between rough blocking and full renders, I am able to discover the full expression of each design.

Brand Translation

Having the Rentware application feel like it was a continuation of the website was essential. I adapted the design language to fit the new format without losing any of the desktop version’s functionality.


Striking a balance between form and function was incredibly important for this design. An application with poor functionality won’t be used or loved.

To aid the user in viewing their calendar in the disposition view, I created space by hiding half of the images. If the viewer wants to inspect the image, they tap the image and the full view pops up.

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